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Latin DJ & MC | Bilingual Spanish and English wedding entertainment - Wedding advise.

Wedding season is brewing and you need to book your entertainment as far ahead as possible. Especially if you need Spanish and English speaking / mixing DJ entertainment. We often get booked years in advance. Why? We are specialist in bilingual events and are known to rock the party! We pride ourselves in bilingual events done right and with class. See this popular DJ/MC combo with percussion set-up. Get down with this kick butt set-up and dance away!

TWK Events also offers professional in house artistic photography and cinematic video services. We have been doing it since 1998 and are currently celebrating our 20 year anniversary. If you are in the market for above average services then do your homework. It's not easy BUT we are here to help you accomplish a lot in a little time. Our boutique company concentrates on less than 75 events any given year, on a full-time bases. If you're having a Latin wedding you're gonna need some help too lol.

Latin wedding DJ | Spanish DJ & MC | TWK Events

Here is some Spanish / Latin wedding planning advise: Beware for the no RSVP's that show up regardless. Not only will they show but often with a date. "You remember Juan from the bodega"?

Then you'll get the uninvited show up too. How about the ones that show up 1 hour late? Hmm.

I always advise my client to be specific in the invite. You PLUS 1 (only one)." Please RSVP promptly (Plates cost $150 person so...)", "No children means your kids too"! "If you're more than 15 minutes late please go home. (leave the envelope)". POST THIS OVER AND OVER ON YOU SOCIAL MEDIA. I know its funny and maybe ruff BUT lets be real. Our people are guilty of all of the above. How do I know? I see all the time lol.


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