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Bringing the Party to You: Quality Entertainment with TWK Events - Best NJ DJ

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TWK DJs, originating from Queens, Bronx & Brooklyn have learned about the different cultures and its many genres of music. In the melting pot of New York's dancehalls and house parties, we created a style unique to our neighborhoods. With a diverse mix of nationalities, dancing to the beats originated in our backyards, we've excelled to now become NJ celebrated DJs. Today, we harness that background and infuse it with today’s sounds and tomorrows beats to make your event the one everyone wished they had.

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Our founders: DJ Prophet was born in NYC Hollis Queens. Influenced by a neighborhood that was the melting pot of music from many generations (Rock, Punk, New Wave) then one of the birth-places of HIP-HOP and Reggae. As the youngest of four siblings and son of parents from the island of Puerto Rico, DJ Prophet soon learned his heritage and was introduced to Salsa & Merengue in his later teen years. He was a student at John Jay College and NY paralegal school. Working for various law firms in NYC & NJ, he always keep music at an arms length. Working and DJing in the club circuit he perfected his style of Latin and English DJ mash-ups. In 1998, after some praying and $850 in an account the Oliveras family opened Margarita's Kitchen Inc / The Wedding Kitchen. After lots of hard work,  gigging and networking, photography was introduced into the company. The Wedding Kitchen (TWK Events) was then created.  Jose has worked the event service business full-time along with his wife and eight members of family and friends. Together they are a team that brings a high amount of knowledge and FLAVOR to the table. Once you meet them you will agree that they are original innovators and leaders in the industry by example. 

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