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General information

All packages are different BUT the procedure is generally the same when it comes to preparing and completing your package. See the instructions provided here for a general understanding. These procedures will be explained the day you book our service and we encourage everyone to ask questions. In the event you forget the instructions given to you, you can use this as a refresher.  Make sure to schedule your event review with us. Fell free to call if you wish to get even more details.

1. DJ entertainment: After you have booked our entertainment service you will be provided a party planning tool. We request that you email us from your email so that we can simply copy and paste the info. This way we avoid an error in email address. You will get three forms to work on. Its a simple "fill in the blanks". The "planner" form is where you need to input things like: Court and guest of honor introduction songs, formal first dances, toast, and order of court if it applies to your event. You can also leave specific instructions manually if needed. The second form is the "music request". Self explanatory. You provide us with your must plays, and play if you cans. It also allows you to input do not play. We will add our favorites and what we think would work along to your selections. In the event you do not find a specific song in our data base, feel free to copy and paste the Youtube URL in special instructions area provided on form. Note we are flexible in our approach to your entertainment. Fell free to request or give your input. All packages offer a final review at our location no earlier than three weeks prior to your event which you have to schedule. We will review your package, answer questions and address any concerns. We suggest completing the event planner prior to coming in. If your package includes a picture slide show make sure to have copies of pictures on a thumb drive the day of the final meet. Picture should be of no less than 1mb in size and cropped if they need to be. Do not give us original pictures. If your package includes a gobo spot light (for your name on floor or wall) please note the gobo will be generic unless the plate fee is included in the package to personalize it. The fee is generally $100 more for your personal message and design and takes two weeks to complete and have deliveredFinally make sure that your venue gives us a prime location for set-up. Generally center to dance floor with-out obstruction is best to have desirable results. It is also a must for packages that include TV monitors. Check with your venue to see if they have any policy that would prevent us from providing a specific item your package has in advance. They can call or email us if there is any questions or concerns. Since we do not offer a venue preview in our typical package we recommend sending us a floor plan prior to your event and instructions if needed.

2. Photography service: If your package includes a photo session prior to the event date we recommend scheduling a month before you wish to do it. We generally set appointments Mondays - Wednesdays in the evening unless expressed differently.You can email us and call to schedule. All your picture proofs will be provided via an online gallery for you to see and share with friends and family for a 12 month period. It is user and password protected. It generally takes 2-3 weeks after a session to be viewed. If after 3 weeks pass and you have not heard form us in regards to the gallery please call and email us. Chances are you did not see our email, text or call. Prior to all events and during your final review, which you have to schedule generally 2-3 weeks prior to event, we will review your timeline and offer suggestions that we think would benefit you. Remember that each package is different and they change often so make your timeline in the allowed time of your package. Since we do not offer a venue preview in our typical package we recommend sending us a floor plan prior to your event and any instructions if needed. Yes we except sample pictures you like of another event at venue or other. We will do our best to accommodate. 

If your package includes an album you will also receive instructions on how to pick your pictures for the album. Remember to stick to your allowance of pictures as design and additional pages carry an additional charge. If your package includes prints we ask that you provide the picture number with a description of picture to us via an email/text at the same time you pic your album favorites. This way we can get it all done at the same time. If you have questions with this procedure please email and call us for assistance. Once the selections for album have been made we send it out for design. The process generally takes 3-5 weeks to get your proof of the album. You'll be able review and make changes if needed. Once you have approved design let us know. We will have it printed and delivered to us asap. It takes about 3-5 weeks to print albums. We request that you make an appointment to pick up product once we notify you that it is available. In the event that any of these time lines pass / or you do not hear from us that you PLEASE email and call. 

3. Video services: Your video edit usually takes 3-5 months to complete. Depending on your package you will get the product on DVD in a presentation case. Our editors will use their expertise to edit and finalize their vision of your day. We do not provide a proof or review of the final edit as this would take to long to do. Yes you can email us some input like choice song of trailer BUT we recommend to let our pros do the picking. In general and if part of your package you will receive a short movie trailer of the day along with a full edit thats about 45 - 60 minutes. Once we have your product in hand we will call and or email you to pick up. If you do not hear from us in this time PLEASE email and call. Since we do not offer a venue preview in our typical package we recommend sending us a floor plan prior to your event and any instructions if needed.

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