Our team

The most impressive things about TWK Events is that they keep GOOD company. You will only be as good as those you surround yourself with.

Jose Oliveras. Founder and lead DJ/MC. Jose "DJ Prophet" was born in NYC and lived in Hollis Queens for 26 years before coming to NJ. Influenced by a neighborhood that was the melting pot of music from many generations (Rock, Punk, New Wave), then the pioneering neighborhood of Hip-hop and Reggae. As the youngest of 4 siblings and son of parents that came from the island of Puerto Rico, DJ Prophet soon learned his heritage and introduced to Spanish music, Salsa, Bachata & Merengue. Original innovators and leaders in the industry. A true power couple. Meet them and judge for yourself.


Why "Kitchen"? The Kitchen at the Oliveras home has always been a place where you could find everything you need to make anyone happy. Food, heritage, family & love. We incorporate that philosophy in our business so "kitchen" will always be part of our name.


Melanie O. lead photographer and co-founder is the backbone of our company. As a native Woodbridge "NJ girl" Melanie has been involved with the township of Woodbridge behind the scene since the year 1997. Melanie attended Middlesex College for photography instruction and learned about photography from some of the best event photographers in NJ in the early stages of her career. Since the year 2007 Melanie evolved and became one of the most respected photo journalistic photographers in NJ. Her personable approach with all clients is a huge comfort. See some samples of her work on our photography page. She is a beautiful giving lady and appreciated by everyone.


Lead Photographer. Al has mastered the photo journalistic approach along with his eye for the quick action moments and drop dead gorgeous portrait. A great team player and family member. One of Al's specialty's is great wedding coverage. Un-obstructive and very knowledgeable around professional SLR cameras along with his Photoshop skills are super and a great addition to our crew. See Al's sample work on the photography page!

Steve is a lead photographer that is surging. He is eagerly impressing the masses. He has an artistic and cinematic approach to his work and is always on his feet. A great team player and shooter. 

David Q. another leads photographer with a photo journalistic approach and master at drop dead gorgeous portrait. A great team player and family member. Un-obstructive and very knowledgeable around professional SLR cameras along with his great personality make David a favorite.


Videographer. - Jesse is a compliment to our team. Well rounded, Jesse is a professional videographer and editor. He holds a bachelors degree in filmmaking and video production from Montclair State University. Some of his experience is shooting and producing short films, commercials, weddings and corporate event videos. 


DJ/MC Chuckie, born in Ecuador is another part of TWK's success and team. Influenced by a younger generation of DJ's, he is well diversified in the old and new age of music. Mentored as an intern for many years by Jose. Chuck has learned much about the industry and art of moving a crowd. Chuck has played percussions for a couple of bands abroad and is flavorful on the timbales and congas. This rising star is fluent in Spanish and English and knows the importance of learning from veterans while mastering the art of mixing. Chuck has an MBA in engineering but a DJ by heart. The leader!

DJ/MC Al Wepa was born in Brooklyn NYC. Home of pioneers like Notorious BIG & Jay Z. His parents originating from the Island of Puerto Rico. Influenced by some of the same pioneering DJs of Latin and club such as DJ Little Louie Vega, Todd Terry, Jellybean and other bilingual music spinning legends. Growing up Brooklyn strong, Al absorbed tons of culture that a diverse neighborhood has to offer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always reliable Wepa is a leader and an original member of the TWK team.


DJ/MC Feary is the youngest of the pack and team. He originates from the Island of the Dominican Republic. As a club circuit DJ he has been mixing the flavors of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa for the Latino American circuit in the NJ & NYC area for the last 6 year. Well rounded in club and hip-hop make Feary a favorite in the sweet 16 and very young adult crowd. Feary is fierce on the one's and two's and has been learning from veterans like DJ Prophet. A raising star.

DJ/MC Ariel G. A NYC DJ that specializes in English and Latin weddings. He is fierce and a super mix master. Independent leader in his own right and crowd mover. Watch this rock star in action and witness excellence.

Percussionist: Johnny Bones is a unique addition to the TWK team. He plays any and all drums and is a great motivator. See him rock with your guest on the floor and abroad. 

Event Day Manager / Planner - Remy Oliveras. is the eldest son of our founder. He has been a fixture in the family business since he could walk. A native New Yorker and present resident of the Big Apple. Remy brings the event together. He's a go getter and is a master problem solver. He has a Bachelors degree from City University and over 13 years. experience in the event industry. You gotta love him!


Violinist / Producer: Perry L is a master violinist and guitar professional. He attended Berkley College of Music in Boston MA. He has worked with professional producers such as Ike Turner, Anna Gay (Marvin Gayes widow) and other Motown producers. He is a music teacher and a super addition to any ceremony and/or cocktail. Perry and DJ Prophet have worked on original music remixes that include popular pop, dance, classical, rock, Latin and hip-hop music. TWK can customize any aspect of your wedding and music. Inquire and make your intro song, first dance or other unique.

Trainee / Intern. Carlos has been a friend to the family for 10 years. Learning the business while volunteering his time is the best hands on training available. Watch out for this rising star.


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