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Queens NYC GOATS | Classic Hip Hop Mix

Founder DJ Prophet is native New Yorker. Deeper than that he was born and raised in Hollis Queens. Queens may be the only place in the world where so many legendary greats have originated from. Some of these GOATS are LL cool J (former school mate of DJ Prophet), RUN DMC, Mobb Deep, 50 Cents, Was, MC. Sham and Queens Bridge, Tribe Called Quest and more. Although DJ Prophet is Latino he was influence by these greats and other greats you would never believe. Prior to Hollis Queens being one of the birth places of Hip Hop, it use to an Italian/Irish neighborhood. When the Oliveras family came to the block, many of the native Hollis residents still resided there. It wasn't uncommon to hear Rock bands like The Police, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Clash and later Guns and Roses playing just one block up from the infamous Jamaica Avenue. As a well rounded DJ, Prophet learned Latin music as-well as top 40 dance, Freestyle and Club music. Yes you got it right. The melting pot called Hollis Queens was something to experience. Nothing like it in the entire world.

Hear this sample music mix done LIVE on-line by the one and only and Hollis Queens own, DJ Prophet of TWK Events. Enjoy and feel free to pass it on. #classicHipHop #oldschool #hollis #Queens #NYC #HipHop #llcoolJ #rundmc #nas #mobdeep #mcsham #queensbridge #50cent #thegame


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