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Bilingual DJ | Percussion show starter | NJ wedding DJ - TWK Events

See our Salsa show starter here at this NJ bilingual wedding via three percussions and DJ/MC. TWK Events always loves to be part of a Spanish & English wedding when ever possible. There's a big need for Spanish and English speaking DJ and MC's that know how to do a wedding with class, elegance and the appropriate energy. You have found it here. With 20 years under our company name, we offer a lot in a small company.

Our company SPECIALIZES in exactly that. Being family owned and operated since 1998, gives us the flexibility and knowledge to accomplish our goal overtime. Thats to provide our clients with the best time possible and delivering a spectacular product.

This is only and example of what we do on the entertainment side of our company. Don't forget that our PHOTOGRAPHY & CINEMATIC MOVIE production is also a valuable part to our business. We hope to see you at an event near you.

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