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See this Latin wedding iPhone video a guest emailed us! Raw footage of the excitement DJ Prophet brings to the table.

A wedding in NJ is were you'll find us doing our DJ, photography or video thing on most weekends through out the year. Since 1998 TWK has specialized in bilingual, Spanish & English weddings with passion. We've learned many valuable lessons and our experiences have been fruitful.

When it comes to a bilingual Spanish and English wedding there is a certain amount of experience needed BUT more importantly you need to know and read the wedding guest. How do you learn that you may ask?

I dont think thats something you can learn. You are either born with it or not. Yes any one can "act" like they are having a good time or go through the motions but like anything else fake, that is usually exposed quickly. When it comes to Latino's, its exposed even quicker lol.

There are a handful of good DJ's and MC's but not a lot of great ones. Even fewer in the Spanish / English bilingual wedding DJ market. It is our mission to share our passion with this dynamic recipe of future brides and grooms. Its exactly what we are about and definitely a favorite of ours.

Visit our website for more videos and information on our Latin weddings.


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