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1. Experience is priceless. Thats why I suggest experience is the route anyone getting married should go. Its one thing to claim "I am the best dj available" or " I have 30 years experience in wedding photography". Instead of show me the money I'd say show me the proof. If the claim is real then the professional would love to show it off. Now. Does experience make you perfect? NO. It does however help when you're thrown a curve ball or something out of the normal. This is something that happens more often than not at a wedding. Before I ran in this industry I crawled. I listened and watched those that had the experience and know how. I then applauded, listened, learned and made it my own. I did not copy. I never claimed what I could not accomplish. So here are some quick tips I'd like to share for both the professional in the wedding industry and the client looking to get married, based on my experiences.

A. Prepare and have fun! Both the Pro and the client need to prepare. I'm a DJ. It is my practice to give clients an online event planner portal that allows them to layout a few simple things like: Day of timelines, music request and event must and prerequisites. I usually give clients access as soon as they book. I ask to complete it no later than a couple of weeks prior to actual cut off date which is three days prior to the wedding day. This helps them organize and allows me to get crucial information needed prior to the day and to keep the flow the day of the wedding moving. #prewedding #weddingreview

B. Have a final review or at the minimum a phone conference. I try to get this done two weeks prior to the event. That's a good time to address questions in regards to music, package and more importantly the event planner. Its far enough from the date so that the client can have the time do and close enough to the wedding to stay fresh in your mind. #weddingreview #consultation #finalweddingwalkthrew

C. The Wedding hall. Respect the rules of the venue. Its a good idea to figure out where you'll be unloading and when you can set-up. DJ's, DO NOT walk in the front door with a dolly in hand. Photographers can get away with it but a DJ usually has bulky equipment that can be an eye sore or damage things like glass door etc. A simple call on your way to the venue will do the trick. If you have a big rig you may want to call a few days prior. You may be on a second or lower level with zero aces to an elevator. You may need extra man power in a situation like this. I know some venues almost make it hard by making a DJ go through a messy kitchen (you'd be surprised what we see sometimes. Thats for another blog) or narrow hallways. Stay professional and keep your eye on the prize. Making the reception a blast! #banquetHall #weddingvenue #weddinghall #rules #awesomereception #weddingreception

2. Photographers are awesome. A DJ, although often the center of attention at a reception is not the only professional at the venue. Photographers (like my wife is) and video personal need to get their work in too. Hey DJ! Maybe get out of the picture when a first dance has started. Allow them to get some prime shots then get back to work. A word of advise is to introduce yourself to the photographers and video team and go over your timeline. Hey Photographers! Please do not stop a large group of people on my dance floor to take a group picture. It messes with the flow of the party. #weddingphotographer #photographertips #photography

A. As a rule of thumb we usually reach out to our clients a couple of weeks before the wedidng day, often much sooner to get important information like addresses, timeline and to simply answer any concerns. Its ok to reach out yourself and ask questions. Just don't do it on weekends or holidays lol. Chances are we may be at a wedding or with our kids doing family stuff. #weddingphotographer #photography #picturetime #njdj #weddingdj #njweddingdj

3. Clients stay positive and trust who you've vetted.

Staying positive. Understanding, respecting and giving your significant other the benefit of the doubt often produces great results. The same goes for any relationship. That includes the one you have with the professionals you chose to be part of your day. Familiarize yourself with the norm for each specific professional you chose. Ask questions BEFORE you book. If something is not written or you do not understand what you are getting do not sign before asking for clarification. Remember a company will meet with dozens of people a week. Every event is different like every client is.

Our practice is to review what a client is getting, timeline of when they can expect product and the normal procedure moving forward before they sign a contract. Professionals, be upfront with your rules and regulations. Everything should be written. If you're the client and have a question after you booked simply ask. If there is any concern, doubt or you do not understand something crucial that is relevant to your package then schedule a meeting. A face to face is always best! Things often get misinterpreted in a text or email. The experience should feel positive and comfortable. All persons should be respectful of one another's event, lives and business schedules. #positive #love #neverhate #respect #positivevibes #facetoface #weddingreview

4. The end result of a wedding.

A. At the end of the day we all want to look back and say "that was an amazing wedding". The client and the professionals both alike. Remaining personable and friendly even after the wedding is important. We email shortly after or text, thank you for having us! You'll see that clients appreciate it. It's a two way street nonetheless. I've had clients that besides their generosity, take the time to send a thank you card or email me a simple thank you! Not only do I get reminded why I love my job BUT it also creates favor from us. Often I extend a little extra in a photo package or other. I've even made some friends from our client list and it's usually the ones that stay in touch an POSITIVE. #awesomewedding #bestdayever #postwedding

B. Once your wedding is over and the dust settles it is time to get back to business. It is a good idea to review your package three weeks after your wedding. We generally have all picture proofs ready for viewing in 3 - 4 weeks after an event. Sometimes earlier but we give ourselves the cushion. Contact your photographer SAY HI and ask what is the next step. Again its our practice to include a timeline of product on our contract for your reference and suggest everyone do the same. Once you've done your due diligence to complete everything like pick your album pictures, shoot over and email and let your photographer know. It will show you are eager to complete the process and help the photographer remain familiar with you. Hibernating is for bears. Remember the quicker you move the quicker you will get your album and/or prints. #weddingblues #weddinggrind #weddingalbums #postweddingblues

It has been my experience that when clients shops wisely, remain positive in planning & communicate before and after a wedding, the relationship with your professionals is relaxed and forthcoming. The professional will surely return the same positive attitude back to you and go beyond the norm. I hope this helps some DJ's, photographers and couples alike. God Bless!

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