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Wedding DJ (DJ Prophet @ TWK Events) in NJ invited to @Knew Amsterdam Radio

TWK Events recently was written up and published in a press release to major news outlets, mainly for their over two decades in the business. DJ Prophet @TWK Events in video podcast with Knew Amsterdam Radio talking about the wedding DJ business in the NJ / NYC tristate area and 20 plus year milestone in the industry. The interview goes into detail about Twk Events, what makes it unique and how it has sustained 20 years in business. The host asked questions about the wedding industry, clients and what it takes to sustain the Covid 19 pandemic. The "how" TWK Events has been in the business for over 20 years can not fit in one episode but the foundation is discussed and how the company maintains itself consistent and proactive via proven methods.

Some other topics discussed are the differences in the average all English wedding as opposed to the Spanish Latin Wedding where you'll get crazy Latino uncles coming to the reception with his flavor of the week! lol. The various reviews and what clients have said about TWK and their experience. The raved customer service, wedding day approach and how to communicate to a target audience.

Podcast host is a DJ / entrepreneur in Los Angeles and digs into the culture and family dynamic in DJ Prophets home and Queens neighborhood. You hear about the influences and direction that were molded into TWK Events hard work philosophy and how it is incorporated in wedding receptions today. Todays brides often do not know the difference in a full time company like TWK Events and the bedroom DJ. You'll hear some stories that clear that up.

Todays engaged couples get a glimpse of what to look out for, how to search for specific entertainment services that are specific to each wedding and the future of the process. What 2021 and 2021 is shaping up to be and how to get moving to reserve your date.

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