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Wedding day advice | DJ, Photography & Video by TEAM TWK

The wedding booking season is upon us. At least in New Jersey it is. So if you’re getting married you must have a lot of questions on where to even start when it comes to wedding DJ and MC services, photography and video.

I tend to shop and visit businesses that I have something in common with. Why? Because I am more comfortable in a setting like this. If I’m shopping for something big like a car or something along those lines I want to deal with a company that has a proven, solid reputation as-well.

On your wedding day I would suggest that you have a team around you that you’re comfortable with and can go with the flow that you envision. A TEAM means a couple of things. A team knows how to work together. A team knows what to expect from one another. A team allows his teammates the space to accomplish what each individual is best at so that the end result is a great outcome.

What do you envision for your wedding day and what would be a favorable outcome? Plan wisely. Check actual reviews. Research the individual companies and most importantly share your thoughts with your significant other. Chose wisely my friend.



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