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NJ Wedding DJ & Photography Company | Spanish & English professional services. Take control back of your Wedding day! We are educated, smarter and responsible adults. WE ARE READY @

Weddings in 2020 have been astronomically effected by the current situation. Brides and grooms plus their families have been effected like never before.

The industry has been halted and restarted here in New Jersey and every DJ, photographer, florist, vendor and venue has been effected. Mask are the new fashion and even political statement for some. Back in June who can really think about planning a wedding ceremony or reception?

2020 is almost over now and the 2021 wedding and hospitality industry is looking to make a serious comeback. Vaccines and remedies are at the forefront now and that’s great news for everyone. Fear has no place in our industry.

Couples have been starting to plan their weddings once again and the future is looking much more brighter in 2021. Fortunately we’ve established with strong roots prior to this pandemic and prepared. We have weathered the storm and have made the necessary adjustments to accommodate our valued clients through out 2020 and look forward to the wedding booking season at hand.

It is time to take back the control and move forward with your wedding plans! It’s the most important day of your life together. You are worth it all.

For more information call 📞 732-742-4557


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