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Spanish DJ | DJ Prophet

I LOVE SALSA! What I once called "old people music", when my sisters played Gran Combo and Lalo Rodriguez in The Bronx by Yankee stadium is now nostalgic in many ways. I grew up in a once Irish and Italian neighborhood that slowly but surely turned Black and Latino overnight. Where Hip-hop as many know it today got its first boost. Where some of the original greats came from. Hollis Queens. Mr. Rock the Bells went to school with me at IS 238 for three years.

You can imagine what I thought when I heard this thing called Salsa while eating Cochi-frito on 167th street in The Bronx. "Old people music"! I was a B-Boy/Hip-hop brat! I also had some punk rock in me via my Hollis original Irish brother from another mother, Kevin Hart. My favorite was The Clash. Rock the Kasbar!

A little later I meet a cool Dominican with a knack for style in a short package. It wasn't long before he invited me to a Salsa staple, The Copacabana. My childhood friend, Hector Ramirez had been there and said "you gotta see this". So one day, with my older brothers ID I excepted the invite. Back then, I was use to girls with sneakers, loose jeans and bamboo earrings. Yes at least two pairs. So my first night at the Copa was happening now and guess what? My jaw dropped at what I saw. A happening dance floor with an awesome stage where Frankie Ruiz was performing. The girls here were wearing short skirts and heals and definitely looked different. They danced with anyone who could lead to this thing called SALSA. Not to mention Merengue and Bachata too. Hector was doing his thing! Lol. Visit our site for more music mixes at

Since then I knew I had to learn about this music and culture that is so rich with roots all over the Caribbean. I found my "Salsa spirit" in The Copa and fell in love with the NYC Latin scene. I became a regular at The Copa and even had a membership. Well Hector did and he shared it with me. I never meet Lola but I did get to meet some real great artist and people. Life has a strange way of coming full circle. I never forgot the Hip-Hop beginnings nor the Freestyle/House era.I still mix it! I now use these life experiences almost every weekend asI have the pleasure of DJing various peoples wedding. Who would have ever thought? #ilovemyjob #salsamusic #njdj #nycdj #spanishdj #njweddingdj #twkevents

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