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How much does a DJ cost | Wedding DJ Pricing in NJ | TWK Events

So! The big question. HOW MUCH DOES A WEDDNIG DJ COST in 2021? In the New Jersey area, DJ's come in many shapes and forms. It is our opinion, and that of industry leaders, that you get what you pay for. Lets trust reliable sources here. Zip Recruiter has the average salary of a wedding DJ at $91,000 a year and a more professional and experienced wedding DJ salary at $145,000 per year, in the Central NJ area. In short, with an average of 50 - 60 weddings a year (6.5 prime months of wedding season and 26 weekends), that average is about $2600-$2900 per event. Generally that includes the standard, like a two person team, DJ & MC, small light set-up and maybe another enhancement. They should have liability insurance and workers compensation, which is required and requested by most reputable wedding halls. This rate generally DOES NOT include some popular goodies that our NJ brides will want to add on like: TV's, percussions, sparkler machines, dance on clouds and so on....

NJ Wedding DJ Package | Sparklers, Dance on Clouds
Platinum Wedding DJ Package

We love websites like the Knot and Weddingwire BUT note, their average DJ prices and rates are more of a collective 51 state average. You can’t really compare Georgia Peaches to Jersey Tomatoes. They also factor in some individuals with little experience, (without any verification) into the average DJ price. Their average rates are more in the lower 30th percentile with an average rate of $1400-$1600 for a wedding DJ, before big extras. Note these prices are reflective of a 4 hour reception party and some lights, based on 2019 - 2020 statistics.

In conclusion, I believe that if your are going to get married, you should do it right and without hesitation. Ofcourse you have a budget. You should. That said, be realistic and learn what is the busy season for weddings. Which are the prime days and dates. Most important be open to invest in yourself. You know yourself and your family more than anyone else. Are you of Latin background? Are you of European background? Would you like to incorporate these factors into your wedding entertainment? All these factors can change the wedding DJ you need and of course, the final cost. Read reviews online. Google a companies name and search into the third page! Researching a company will give you a better shot of booking the right one!

We hope you enjoyed our info and feel free to ask us questions. Our advice is free!

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