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Spanish wedding DJ | Bilingual DJ

Again and again we hear people say, any DJ can work a Spanish wedding. Guess what? You're RIGHT! Any DJ can work a Spanish wedding. The only thing is whether you get it done right or not. Not to mention with a set-uo like this! You'd be surprised how often my clients have come to us after another company and have heard things like: Sure we do Spanish weddings. We play Suavemente and Daddy Yankee all the time. LOL. If you are Latino like I am then you know to cringe at this innocent but almost insulting comment. Latino's are SO MUCH MORE than a stereotypical opinion like that.

It is my opinion that if you can do a bilingual wedding, Spanish and English, successfully then you are: 1. A rare commodity. 2. Can probably do an English wedding with your eyes closed.

Nothing at all for the all English weddings. We love them too. I'm just pointing out what I often see and hear in the NJ Wedding DJ entertainment world.

Todays NJ/NYC tristate area has a bunch of different Spanish and Latino cultures and they are marrying amongst them all. You BETTER know the difference between Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Ranchera, Punta and so on. One day I will get more in detail about the differences of music and what they mean for every nationality of Latino

. So I guess in short, Spanish weddings and DJing them are a different world that only a seasoned DJ can actually do correctly. #SpanishWeddingDJ #biligualDJ #njweddingdj #njspanishweddingdj

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