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Wedding venue advise | The NO-NO's

NJ bride

I have to get this weight off my back as-well as educate couples whom are looking to book a wedding hall or banquet hall for their wedding day. So much time is spent on the wedding dress, save the dates, invites, DJ, photographer, video, limo, food preference and location that you need it all to fit.

The best recipe for a successful day is having everybody on the same page. All vendors including the venue should realize that it is the clients day and nobody else.

We all have our own way of working and have a routine BUT it is the bird and grooms best interest that should take the lead in all circumstances.We were recently at two different reputable wedding banquet halls here in NJ in the last month that had two things in common. They were both beautiful and in high demand.

The problem was that at every corner they made it look as if it was there day and nobody else.Not good. We as professionals need to think what will benefit the client most and give them what they paid for. Its the client that pays the bills at the end of the day.

One example was the venues banquet captain did not want the 4 person photographer and video crew to leave equipment anywhere in the room during ceremony. It is obvious that various camera's and lenses need to be utilized through out the ceremony and a photography need immediate access to those tools. Photographers can't hold everything around the neck. They were adamant on nothing in the corners. Really? The venue was more concerned about there llook than the bride and grooms pictures, that they will have for a life time.

This venue also charged the client for specific dinner orders for the vendors that was pre-ordered a week prior. They choose to give the vendors ALL fish plates. Ummm some people don't eat fish. Why ask and charge the client to begin with. Serving vendors after everyone else is served makes little sense too. Once everyone eats its back to the wedding and activities, but lets not go there now.

I am not complaining, i am simply giving a heads up what you may want to address and look out for when you are considering a wedding hall to have your special day at. The last thing i would want is my daughter booking a location that has a reputation of treating vendors any less than they should be treated and whose main concern is themselves.

Make sure that your venue has a reputation of treating vendors right. The last thing anybody wants is a team of professionals stressed out. It will show in there work and in your final product.

Some great wedding venues in NJ that do it right of the top of my head are: Pines Manor, Ariana's Grand, Jaques catering, The Grand Marquis, Sterling Gardens, West Orange Manor, Ill Tillipino, The Brown Stone, Nanina's in the Park, Galloping hills in Union and a few others.

Ask your vendors there experience with your banquet hall and know what to expect and address before the special day arrives. You'll be happy to know what to expect and maybe address some of these common mistakes before they happen.


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