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Our policy is on each individual service agreement for your review. See a sample of an industry contract below.

Upon paid retainer or signed agreement we will have a binding agreement with the customer. We agree to provide the best service possible to our knowledge for said customer and to conduct ourselves with professionalism. We will provide everything listed under special instructions/contract specifics.


*RETAINER (retainer is not a payment for services. It is an advance non-refundable fee to secure our services, and remunerate us for loss of the opportunity to accept other employment). Retainer due is for no less than 40% of each service provided unless expressed differently by us. You release us and any of our contractors/sub-contractors from any liability for any damages or claims due to closures to roads due to weather, state of emergency or any unforeseeable incident/acts of God that prevents us from reaching venue. In such event, we agree to reschedule for a later date with high priority given at same price or return retainer to customer. In the unfortunate event any assigned service person to your event can't make assignment due to illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstance we will provide a replacement of equal value and notify you ASAP. We promise to try our best to get to ALL EVENTS booked by us under all circumstances. 


CANCELLATIONS/ RETURNS & CHANGES TO CONTRACT: This agreement may not lose value in anyway due to changes or other circumstances that are not of our doing. Since dates are booked and reserved far in advance it is very likely we may not be able to re-book a date that was reserved specifically for you. Therefore if you cancel within 150 days of your event you are liable to this contract for the FULL AMOUNT up to our discretion. If you book your date with-in this 150 day period you are liable to the full amount of this contract. In the event of a cancellation/change by you to any part of this contract before 150 days to your event the entire retainer is due for the specific services and any payments paid are not refundable. In such instance you will forfeit appropriate portion of the retainer for that specific service cancelled or total amount of specific service total. Since it is common to grant discounts for packages (more than one service booked) any package discount given is void and current regular current price for remainder part of contract and services will apply and be added to new total.

Returns or refunds will be provided for any breakdown of equipment that's included in your package (IE. dance lights) or product if we can't provide for whatever reason. In such instance we will either provide a replacement of equal value or return the value of such item.

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