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Latin wedding DJ | TWK Events | Photography & Video Too!

See this promo video for our 2019 push. TWK is known mainly for our Latin wedding DJ services. Specialist for the Spanish and English wedding DJ needs. Since 1998. Lets review some things we think are necessary for a Latin DJ to succeed in this wedding DJ, quinceanera, sweet 16 and more market.

First Latin only means we are of Spanish/Latino decent. At east we are. There is as perception that all Latin events are "urban". That is far from the truth. Although many Latino's may live or came from urban neighborhoods that does not mean we all want that element at our event. There is a place and time for everything. Chose wisely my friends.

Its been my opinion that anyone can do an all English wedding. There is something very different about that Latin or bilingual wedding. You have to be it to do it right.


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