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"It's your day! Be YOURSELF"."

"You have to be it and have had to live it to do it right"      

What’s different about us? We realize that there are many companies to chose from and that pricing ranges so much. Many companies say & promise the same as the next. So what's different here at TWK? We won't promise anything we cannot deliver. We strive for excellence. 


So how do you pick? We believe that the most important factor of any successful company is their foundation. Common questions you may have about a company are: When were they truly established and by whom? What real experience do they have? Has the company been established as long as they claim? How many ORIGINAL owners are they?  HOW GOOD IS THERE STOCK. Are they going to be in business and in good standing when your event arrives or when your products, such as video or photo albums are due long after your event is over? 


The facts that most stands out about TWK: We have been under the same business name and TAX ID since 1998. Our founder is trained in event management and has been part of the NYC & NJ event service scene before most others even started high school. We are a family owned business. No multiple owners that often disagree, become financially stressed, split and dissolve an LLP.  We are truly a family owned and operated business. Jose O. is the head DJ/MC and Melanie (Jose's wife) is the head of our photography team. You know a  business owner will always care more about a client than any employee or subcontractor. We have the proof to back our claims. You will get your final product as promised in the time frame noted. This is often not the case with companies with less than five years of existence, according to NJ business reports. We use our exclusive team and close circle of professionals. No bait and switch. We'll put your package in writing.You are in trusting hands with TWK Events. 


We understand our clients needs, simply because we take the time to try and learn about each individual.

TWK has a solid reputation in DJ services and an extra special touch in photography and video movie production. We are artistic & educated photographers plus experts in cinematic video capturing. Keeping up with tomorrow’s technology is the standard.

Don't just take our word for it, check! See our many on-line reviews, letters of recommendations, awards and even better visit us to see it up close.  Our team encourages you to be yourself. Lets talk and meet to discuss your event soon. Dates are limited. We want to hear about yours!

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Owners biography


Jose Oliveras founder and lead DJ Prophet was born and lived in Hollis Queens NYC. Influenced by a neighborhood that was the melting pot of music from many generations (Rock, Punk, New Wave) then the pioneering neighborhood of HIP-HOP and Reggae of the 80's & 90's. As the youngest of 4 siblings and son of parents that came from the island of Puerto Rico, DJ Prophet soon learned his heritage and was introduced to Salsa & Merengue and a pair of turntables in his later teen years. He was a student at John Jay College and NY Paralegal School. Working for various Law Firms in NYC & NJ, he always kept music at arms length. While working a 9-5 and DJING plus promoting in the NYC club circuit he perfected his style of Latin and English mash-ups. In 1998 Jose and his mother decided to incorporate. Margarita's Kitchen Inc. was formed. Later that year TWK Events was born DBA The Music Kitchen DJ's. Things moved quickly and a few years later after meeting his wife in 2002, and now head of the photography team, photography was introduced to the company. The name was then switched to The Wedding Kitchen, TWK Events a Margarita's Kitchen Inc company. Many years later Jose decided to worked the event service business full-time (since 2005) along with his wife and  members of family and friends. Together they are a team that brings a hugh amount of knowledge and "FLAVOR" to the table. Specificly known for his American and Latin DJ skills. Jose is an original innovator and leader in the industry.


Why "Kitchen"? The kitchen at the Oliveras home has always been a place where you could find everything you need to make anyone happy. Heritage, family & love. We incorporate that philosophy in our business so "kitchen" stays. Why wouldn't it. Now lets start cooking up something for you!


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